Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Creative Halloween -- The Handmade Variety

My children are all adults and don't ask for my input in their Halloween costumes any longer. In fact, I likely don't want to know too many details about all that transpires at the Halloween parties they attend. It might just scare me to death!

Back when I was on creative costume duty (before there was a costume store at every strip mall in town), I recall that Halloween in Colorado often included cold weather, if not eight inches of snow on the ground. No matter what costume my kids devised, at the last minute, we had to add their winter coats and boots. (It is hard to be a fairy princess under fleece and snow pants.) But they muddled through, knowing they'd look like all the other kids in their winter wardrobe.

Later, being resourceful, the kids learned to incorporate winter gear in their initial design. For instance, my son would dress like a skier who had had a monumental accident on the slopes, complete with "bloody" head bandage, crutches and perhaps a make-shift leg brace. Pretty scarey! Now that marching around the neighborhood to collect candy is not what my kids should do, I hope their costumes can go beyond ski attire! Maybe they will even get to stay warm inside, passing out treats, like I used to do!

I did find a few wonderful images of how other moms are dressing their little ones for Halloween this year. I thought it would be wonderful to let this baby joy speak for itself in today's post: each one certainly put a smile on my face. Please Notice: no coats. Bet they don't live in Colorado!

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