Friday, December 28, 2012

New Fiber Art on my Table

The cold winds are blowing here in Colorado today, and I'm keeping my hands warm with one of my favorite things, hand embroidery. The working of many stitches on a soft mid-tone grey linen is a great way to keep my hands moving and warm. Each colorful wool felt circle is being stitched with a lovely Valdani pearl cotton in a softer shade of grey. Isn't it inspirational to have a wide variety of lovely threads spread in front of you as you create? I get a little rush of excitement when the colors and the textures are all within reach like this! I hope you have something as colorful to help you keep warm where you are today...Thanks for stopping by, Georgianne

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Studio View -- Vertical Storage

I am working on new ways to display my nature-inspired pillows and thought I would group them in the studio today as step number one. The display idea that has kept me awake since 4am is to use a clear acrylic shelf-like box that attaches to the wall like a picture frame. I could place the pillow inside the clear box for easy viewing, and the pillows would not be able to shift or fall over. Don't you love the idea of vertical storage? This idea would allow me to display dozens of pillows in minimal space! This is a great project for this snowy day in Colorado....Georgianne

Western Tanager Needle Felt Pillow

Aspen Grove Needle Felt Pillow

Red Bird Tree Needle Felt Pillow

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Favorite Creations Today

Vintage Peacock Fiber Art

How do you decide what your "favorite" of anything is? Is it the thing that is part of your current interests? Is it the thing that was very hard to come by, and therefore has a built-in satisfaction level? For me, I get a rush of energy when I am around my favorites, whether that be my favorite people, places or things! Do you get that rush of positive energy?

I want to share two items that make my heart sing. When I began making each item, I did not have a firm plan in place for the end product. Don't you love working like that? To me, it is like being open to what happens, instead of being determined to force something in particular to happen. I love the energy of that creative flow.

The first item began as an ornate and shabby vintage frame. After it was cleaned up and painted a bright and glossy purple, it was time for me to create fiber art. I have been playing around with printing my images onto fabric. This is a photo of a magnificent peacock that I printed onto cotton fabric. I added some sparkle with seed beads, thinking "If a peacock in full plumage cannot sparkle, who can?".

Aspen Grove Fiber Art Pillow

The next item represents a favorite place for me: the mountains of Colorado in the midst of an Aspen Tree grove. I love the towering presence of those trees, but I especially love the sound you hear when you are near them...the quaking sound.

This needle-felt and applique pillow was made to recreate that feeling -- the one where you are standing on a mountain and you look over a gently sloping field, and just beyond the aspen trees, you see another glorious royal-blue mountain range. Have you ever been there? I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks for stopping by,