Friday, September 9, 2011

Gifts for Bird Lovers

Whitney Smith's Bird Lidded Vessels
You may be a bird lover -- I know that I am smitten with them. I have found (or created) some
lovely handmade items for bird lovers everywhere and wanted to share them with you.
Whitney Smith is a talented and popular ceramics artist who works and lives in California.
I love her Bird Lidded Vessel series and have three colors of these sweet dishes
for you to choose from. They are food safe and perfect for the kitchen or the bedroom.
I like to keep my rings in the green dish on my dressing table. (See more by clicking the photo caption).

Donna Inscho-Hynes' Birdie Cup
 These cups by Colorado potter Donna Inscho-Hynes are my favorite for coffee and tea early in the morning. The sculptural bird makes holding the cup easy and fun! The bird's feathers are carved into
the birdie and check out the leaves Donna placed on the cup's handle!
This is the cup my guests always choose, so that's why I have one in each of the five colors.
Sharing is fun when you get to use one, too. (See more colors by clicking the photo caption.)

Nestle and Soar's 4-magnet Folk Art Set by Georgianne Holland
I am one of those artists who is kind of sad seeing her original work leave home. 
That is why I take professional photos of my most endearing work and reproduce it
into other items! This set of 4 magnets are a simple gift idea for bird lovers. In fact, you can
buy all four and give them away, one at a time. You will know who your super special friends are
when you give them the complete set...their fridge will be decked out with folk art!

Thanks for stopping by today. I'd love to hear if you make or know of other wonderful gifts for 
bird lovers. I am always on the look out for wonderful handmade items in my
Nestle and Soar Studio website. Take care, Georgianne

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Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you have fun with your sewing project.

I really like those folk art magnets.