Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gratitude is an Attitude (and a Habit)

I am a believer in taking time to truly feel gratitude and to do this on a daily basis. I even have a special chair I sit in at home for this quiet time in my day. It seems to me that what I think about in this simple way has a habit of displaying itself more often in my life! For instance, when I am grateful for my creativity, I soon become a sponge for new ideas and great project daydreams. I just bubble over with creative ideas.

I would like to make time to document what I am grateful for in my Electronic World, too, and I invite you join me in this gratitude practice. I am suggesting that we take one minute to make note of what we are grateful for today. Just type out a few descriptive words as a comment to this blog and let's gather in this manner to witness the grateful attitudes we share.

I'll start...
I am grateful for my pain-free feet. The Spenco slippers I just bought are my new best friend. My poor feet have been so sore lately and these slippers are designed to absorb the pressure of walking. Now instead of feeling like my heels are bruised with every step, I feel no pain. This is huge for me and I am grateful.

Now it's your turn...

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