Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Knit Three, Crochet None -- from Etsy

Full of Holes Pattern from 2SistersStringworks in Canada
There are so many resources on for people who want to be creative. I bought some lovely yarn at the Wool Festival in Estes Park, Colorado this summer, and stopped by Etsy today to find a few beginner knitting patterns to use with this yarn. As a member of this creative community, it is nice to know I can buy handmade items, and also, get help on making handmade items that are not yet part of my skill set!

3 Dish Cloth Patterns from KooklaCreations
I thought I'd share the three beginner knitting projects I fell in love with, and while there is no crochet involved at this time, I may challenge myself next month with a beginner crochet project. Does anyone have suggestions about what I should take on as my first crochet effort? I'm sure I'll need moral support :-)

The first project is a lovely triangular scarf pattern from 2SistersStringworks in Canada. I'm assured it is easier to knit than it looks, and I am counting on that. I have a gorgeous blue/cream/green variegated yarn to use for this project; won't that be great!

Olivia Scarf Kit from DaisyAndFlorrie on Etsy
The next project I'd like to try comes from Sydney Australia and the Etsy shop of KooklaCreations. I think that these dish cloths will be a perfect way for me to practice knitting stitches in a small format. Once I get the hang of the pattern, I will have confidence to try a larger project with more than the garter stitch. Brilliant! Also, when knit with a cotton yarn, these dish cloths will dry quickly and be a colorful addition to my kitchen...or your kitchen: great gift idea!

The final awesome beginner knitting project I found today comes from DaisyAndFlorrie of Chicago. This sweet kit is so appealing to me, I think I'll need to buy more than one. I'm thinking the kit itself would be a great gift item as I'd like to encourage a few of my non-knitting friends to take up the craft! With this gift, we can all knit together and that will make it more fun. I guess I'll just have to save my other Wool Festival yarns for the cold months ahead...and perhaps my growing confidence with being the kind of knitter who can do more than just "make garter stitch scarves" will blossom. You never could happen!

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