Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Inspirational Tuesday: Enjoy a New Dance

In the past couple of weeks in my Nestle And Soar Studio, I have been dancing around all of the fiber art projects I have in some stage of creation. By dancing around them, I mean I have been circling them, looking at them, touching them and feeling love for them...but I haven't been adding to them. Today is a good day to stop the dance of the familiar, and to instead fill my mind and heart with new inspirations...the creations of others! Do you ever feel almost bored by what you have going on in your creative life? When this happens to me, I know it is time to get out of my own head, out of my own studio, and seek inspiration from outside! Besides a fun online journey to find inspiration, it is important to actually go into your actual community and visit with other creatives (do I sound stuck, or what?!). Today in Colorado, it is supposed to be 67 degrees with clear skies...stepping into this beauty will be very inspirational. What inspires you today?

Ibihaj Jneid

Owl Jones Art

Meg Hannan, Fabric Jewels

Textures Gallery, Along the Stream Bed, Alice Pickett Lewis
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