Monday, May 23, 2011

My new favorite things...

I stumbled upon two new favorite things this morning and I want to get to know these Etsy artisans. I think we have similar passions.

I create only 2D work with wool, but I do like this folk art bird pattern from Cheswick Company in Connecticut. I especially like their button eyes and the feathers on their heads! I like that this is a pattern, not the finished item for sale. I think Etsy is a great source for those who make things, as well as a source for those who want to buy things. I know I look at other artists to be inspired. I have a few patterns in the works of my own designs, which is fun. I never thought to clamp the soft sculpture like this. Love it.

I also found a great bright green tote bag (and how many tote bags do I need... unending urge to collect them). I like this Love Languages tote by Buck Toothed Bunny in Boston because I am entranced by the best way to add words to art. There is silk screening, iron-on transfer, printing directly to fabric, decoupage, applique...can you think of any more techniques? I most recently embroidered words by hand and that is very time consuming! My particular OCD comes out when I do hand embroidery of words as my stitches are never as even as I think they should be. I really like how the words on this tote form a heart.

What has caught your eye already today? What will be your favorite thing this week? I'd love to hear from you.

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CBP said...

Thank you so much for posting about my folk bird pattern! Your blog is great!!