Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have always been a sucker for the magical feeling I get when presented with a bright sunrise or sunset. Do you ever get that awestruck quickening when you turn the corner and see the sky on fire? I found this photo of a sunrise on the Internet [sorry to not have the photographer's name to share] and wanted to let you enjoy it, too.

Winter Sunset, Georgianne Holland, 2011

Yesterday I listed my own version of a sunset on my Etsy shop, Nestle and Soar. Finding this sunrise photograph makes we want to make a whole series of wall felts to try to capture that magical feeling! I definitely want to add more purple to the sky next time...

"Rays from the sunrise drew forth the buds and stretched them into long stalks, lifted up sap in noiseless streams, opened petals, and sucked out scents in invisible jets and breathings." Thomas Hardy

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