Friday, May 27, 2011

New Colors for an Old Design

Freckled Bird pillow in progress
One of my favorite things is to receive a special commission request. Most often, I'll get an email from a customer who will send me a photo of one of their rooms--bedroom or living room--and ask me to make one of my folk art pillows to match their color scheme. I love this! We talk about the photos they send me and I ask questions like, "Am I seeing tomato red in this bedspread, or is it more like a lipstick red?" Back and forth we share ideas and then The Creativity can begin.
Traditional colors for Freckled Bird design
This scene from my studio today shows a fun color adaptation of my popular Freckled Bird pillow design that I'm making for a new customer. She has asked me to make the pillow more vivid than my standard color scheme. I'm having a blast. Don't you think her color choices are great! (I'm showing my traditional color palette for you to compare.)

If you'd like a special commission item from my Nestle and Soar Studio, feel free to drop me a note at I'd love to work with you!

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