Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nestle and Soar Studio Scene

Long's Peak 100% Wool Landscape
It has been a busy week in my fiber folk art studio! There is something special about hunkering down to artwork when it is consistently rainy and cool outside. My space feels like a cocoon.

I have been looking at my landscape of Long's Peak for a couple of months now as my progress seemed to stop after I accomplished the background layers. I now need to hand embroider and dry felt the mid-range and fine detail work, and I am stumped. I just keep looking at it, waiting for inspiration to strike. I think I should take a drive and sit with my sketch pad for awhile as I look over that scene again. I was inspired while on the gym's treadmill to begin this view from the west-facing window at my gym is just spectacular. Not sure why some folks stare at the television when they could be looking at this mountain view each their own.

Coexist Tree in Blue Sky Series, 10"x10"
The last photo shows how messy my work table gets during a busy week. I have been using all these colors of wool -- Delicious. I like having everything close at hand, and at the same time, I long to have everything neatly tucked away. The creative process is not a tidy thing--Don't you agree? I am almost finished with my 10"x10" sky series that depicts a tree with birds; I like to call this design Coexist. Birds in many colors, shapes, types, and all personalities are welcome...Coexist. I plan to make 12 of this design, each slightly different. The trees are becoming more and more plump as I go. Never trust a skinny tree, that's what I say!

My work table right now...
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