Friday, January 27, 2012

Studio Scene --- Fiber Folk Art at Nestle and Soar

There are few places I enjoy spending time in more than my fiber folk art studio. I am convinced that when I descend the stairs into this large work/play space, the atmosphere is charged with good energy. It doesn't matter if I am in good mood or bad, entering into my creative space is consistently serene. I often bless my space and walk around feeling gratitude for all the options and tools that are waiting there for me! And I also take the time to tidy up the studio after each work day, as it seems that an environment so important to my well-being should be respected. I think it is a privilege to have a job that often allows me to walk into the room, look around, and ask myself, "What is calling to me today?" It is almost as if the project directs me instead of me forcing a result. Do you think this is weird? Has this sort of object-driven calling been part of your creative time? I'd love to hear about it!

I am including a few photos from my studio today...there is a gentle dusting of snow coming down outside, so the lighting is soft. 

New pillow design in process...100% wool on organic linen.
My favorite Nancy Drew book is ready for a re-read!

I enjoy collecting pincushions and buttons.

This sweet Robin in a Cherry Tree is a pillow design that is showing promise...lots of hand sewn French knots in this beauty!

The sun was starting to peek through the snow clouds by the time I took this third photo. If you look closely, you can see a photo of my last marathon...this one took place in Boulder, Colorado in 2007. I wonder if I have any more marathons in me?

Thanks for stopping by my studio!

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