Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

Today's top ten is a very colorful group! I am always pleased with the variety of inspirational projects, products, and organizations I find on the Internet. I was especially happy to find the perfect passport case (Nerd Herder) and a new way to evaluate all of the home care and cosmetics new to the market (Good Guide). I hope you will let me know if any of my Top Ten make your short list!

#1 Handful of Heart
I love the sentiment behind these fun gloves...perfect for Valentine's Day! Offered by Yastikizi on Etsy.

#2 Nerd Herder Gadget Wallet
A popular shop on Etsy named Rockitbot makes these great all-in-one cases, and I think having one for my upcoming travel is a very good idea! It comes with an elastic band that stretches over the wallet, keeping everything tucked into place!

#3 Hand Embroidered Necklace with Glass Beads
I love the tribal feeling of this piece by Madrigal Embroidery! Cotton cord was used to embellish this bark cloth fiber necklace, which is backed with teal silk. It truly is wearable art and would look great on any of my simple black blouses. Just saying.

#4 Internet Bird Collection
I am glad I ran across this website: I was looking up information about a lovely bird, the Yellow-Throated Euphonia, when I found it. The Internet Bird Collection (IBC) is a non-profit, on-line audiovisual library of the world's birds that is available to the general public free of charge. "While the initial aim is to post at least one video or photo per species, the long-term objective is to eventually include material showing a variety of biological aspects (e.g. feeding, breeding, etc.) for every species." Click on the link above and you'll see a lovely video of this sweet species.

#5 Santos Style Folk Art Angel
Inspired by a combination of American folk art and a traditional Spanish Colonial-style Santos, this angel is my new favorite sculpture! She stands 33.5" tall and 6.5 inches wide, which makes her impressive. This would be a lovely showpiece in your home. You can find her at Santos Cage Doll.

#6 Button Tree
I found this irresistible Button Tree and I couldn't keep it to myself. Don't you love the simplicity of it? I love Elsie's blog the Kitch & the Curious: you may want to check it out, too. I like the idea of finding new friends in Bristol, England!

#7 Magnolias Hand Felted Wool Bag
I think this romantic wool felt bag from Felting Pot on Etsy is quite charming. The way she has attached the leaves is clever, don't you think? I'm sure this special purse would receive lots of wonderful attention!

#8 Addie Pendants from Ballard Designs
Here's another item from my wish list! I found it on Pinterest and when I asked my husband which of the four colors we should hang above our kitchen table, he said, "I think we should hang all four...I like how they look in the photo!" God bless him :-)

#9 The Good Guide
 With GoodGuide, you can find better products that are healthy, green and socially responsible. It is easy to search or browse over 145,000 food, toys, personal care, & household products to easily learn about the best and worst products in each category. There is also scientific expertise and sophisticated rating system provided to simplify complex and confusing product information. Shopping just got a little easier!

#10 Baby Harp Seals
I guess I just need to leave each Top Ten list by showing you my favorite sweet animal photo of the week...how did I do?
Yeah, I thought so.

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