Saturday, January 21, 2012

What it the Perfect Decorator Pillow?

Folk Art Flowers Pillow from Nestle and Soar

Decorative pillows may not be the first decision you make when decorating your home, but perhaps it should be! Finding a handmade pillow, throw pillow, or cushion that contains your favorite colors or style is a wonderful starting focus for a decorative plan! Or perhaps you prefer to wait until all the painting, rearranging, and furniture choices have been made before you select any embroidered pillows, tree pillows, or flower pillows to provide the “icing on the cake”, as it were. Either way, as a focusing tool or a final touch, choosing the perfect decorative pillow for your home is a lot of fun!

What do you need to think about before you put on your shopping shoes?
  •  Take some quick notes about the space you will be decorating. As you observe your space, would you like a contemporary/modern decorative pillow? Have you always admired handmade bird pillows, and as you walk around your space, you see that this bird pillow would be a perfect fit? Your notes are a good place to write down words that describe your style aesthetic: traditional, modern, vintage, cabin, eco-chic…you get the idea. Knowing the direction of the space will save you lots of time and ease the shopping experience. Also, knowing the direction you are headed based on your personal style may help you find a great pillow that stands-out from, instead of blending-into, your developing plans. A pop of interest can be the perfect touch!
What is the size and color of your sofa?
  •  Somewhere in your notes, jot down the dimensions of your furniture. Finding the perfect pillow for your home may come down to a matter of scale – if your sofa is tiny, your pillows probably won’t be huge! At this time, also note how you use your furniture. Is the room you are decorating always kept perfectly ordered, or do you lounge around in the space and truly make yourself comfortable? These are important questions because if your pillows are “for show” vs. for napping, it is good to keep that in mind at the beginning. I like to have a napping pillow near every sofa, but I also like to decorate with artistic pillows that are truly conversation starters!
  • Quality craftsmanship matters: unless you plan to place the pillow out of reach, know that it will be handled. I think of my pillows as soft art for the home. When you decorate with embroidered items in particular, the stitches should be meticulously made. In fact, a well-made decorative pillow can become a family heirloom.
Fantastical Tree Pillow
  • Know how to clean the pillow: when you decorate using fibers like wool, throwing the pillow in the washing machine may spoil the fun. If the maker of the pillow does not state care instructions, make sure you ask. If there is no one to ask, say, if you are shopping vintage, I would recommend you choose professional dry cleaning to be safe.
  • Colorfast materials are important, especially if your decorative pillow will be in direct sunlight. Light has the ability to fade out fabrics quickly, so rotate the placement of decorative pillows in sunny rooms.
  •  Some designers sell the pillow cover only without a pillow insert. This has pros and cons. If you order your decorative pillow online, a pillow cover alone is less expensive to mail. If you don’t already have a pillow of the correct size to use as the new pillow’s insert, you’ll have to make a trip to the fabric store. The retail price of pillow inserts varies depending on size and what they use to fill the insert. It’s great to buy a down pillow insert, if you want to spend a little more!
Decorative pillows for your home are like jewelry or designer hand bags. As your mood changes or as the seasons change, you can change your living space to reflect how you are feeling. I love having a wardrobe of decorative pillows on hand, and it is always fun to collect pillows with personality. Your home can be uniquely beautiful, just like you!


Lora said...

you make the most beautiful pillows!!! :)

Georgianne Holland said...

Thank you Lora! I truly love what I do...guess what? I'm working on a line of handbags that include my needle felting...I'm having a blast!