Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cherry Blossom Bird Needle Felt Pillow -- New Design from Nestle and Soar

Cherry Blossom Tree Decorative Pillow, ©2012 Nestle and Soar

I am pleased to introduce you to the latest original needle felt design from my fiber folk art studio, Cherry Blossom Tree, a handmade tree pillow. I had a great time creating this wool on organic linen accent pillow. Handmade embroidered pillows are one of my favorite mediums, and this limited-edition design really puts me in a good mood!


I was an 8th-grade class chaperon to Washington, DC for my daughter's school years ago. This was my first experience seeing Cherry trees in person...I loved it! I remember being absolutely exhausted at the end of that school trip, yet these trees have always been a happy memory for me. I knew that one day I would try to recreate their beauty in my art.

Bluebird is ready for her close-up!

I like to think of my handmade tree pillows as soft art for the home. No two pillows by Nestle and Soar are exactly alike, even when I am following my original designs! Next up on my work table is a yellow version of this tree with a Cardinal in residence. I have always loved red and yellow together, and red birds of any species are among my favorite. What color bird would you like to have in a blossoming tree like this?


The blossoms in this tree are hundreds of French knots sewn by hand with Paternayan-brand 100% wool yarn. The sweet bluebird is young and ready for Spring weather and nest building; or so she says. I personally think she is mostly ready to enjoy her point of view. 


Thanks for stopping by, Georgianne

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