Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday -- February 7, 2012 -- Brrr!

From high atop a 6-foot snow pile in my front yard, I welcome you to a chilly Colorado Top Ten Tuesday! I am not actually sitting on the snow, but as plenty of winter weather has been front and center around here, it kind of feels like I am! There is hot chocolate to the left of me and a plate of ginger snaps to the right of me and I am excited to tell you all about the exceptional artists, items, and places that came to my attention this week here at Nestle and Soar Studio. I hope you will have a moment or two to click-through to a few of these wonderful web-based places, or if you live near Spooner, Wisconsin, perhaps you can visit Northwind Book & Fiber. Let's start there...

#1 Northwind Book and Fiber...A place for people with ideas.

If I had a storefront to call my own, I think it would be similar to Northwind. This charming shop is part independent bookstore, part fine yarn shop, part local artist gallery, and pretty much, fun all over. I can also see the beauty of having classes and special events in this space. They have made their website rich with ideas, as well. Check them out and enjoy yourself!

#2 Free Flying Boutique...Cruelty-free Feather Earrings

These paper earrings represent the feathers of a Scarlet Macaw, a South American bird with an entire rainbow of colors throughout their feathers! Don't you just know that these dramatic earrings are light and fun to wear? Artisan Jessie Bender of Fort Collins, Colorado has created these and other special earring designs for bird lovers who like to let the birds enjoy their own feathers! Well done, Jessie! Free Flying Boutique on Etsy.

#3 Knitting Pure & Simple...Women's Neck Down collared Bolero

I am a beginning-level knitter and always have my eyes open for a jacket or vest pattern that I do not find intimidating; here's one for my team! I like the collar on this bolero and the wrap-button closure. Because it is not full length, I think it will be perfect for some lovely hand-dyed organic merino sport weight yarn from Cheryl Oberle I stashed a while back. This, my friends, is a perfect example of why stashes of supplies are so important. One should never fear developing a varied stash. Good patterns and soft yarn are very important stash items! That's my story... Knitting Pure & Simple.

#4 Shapeway's Bird Nest Eggcup

I do think this darling soft-boiled eggcup would make a simple breakfast very sophisticated...without trying hardly at all! Designed by Studio Gijs and available on a site called Shapeway, they come in three colors: red, white, and blue. What a nice way to start your day.

#5 Little Chickadee Bowl by Mustache Cat Designs on Etsy

Now if eggs don't fit the bill for breakfast, how about a creamy bowl of hot oatmeal? This cold weather is making me hungry, and I've found the perfect bowl for most any beautiful meal! Lauren Maghini makes this special bowl using a carving technique that looks like wood-cut, and she glazes them in a transparent non-toxic glaze. I would feel special eating out of this Little Chickadee Bowl!

#6 Blossoming Tree for Inspiration

I am always excited to share a stunning tree image, and here is the one that keeps grabbing my attention this week. I love the way that the tree is reflecting in the water...isn't it romantic? I originally found this image on Pinterest, and have linked it back to Faye, an interior decorator at Ophelia's Garden. Her blog is lovely and you may enjoy seeing it, too.

#7 Birch Lampshade from Ruffled Blog
This DIY birch bark lampshade is so charming, I think it would be a real show-stopper in my kitchen. My kitchen table sits about 20-feet away from the kitchen stove, and I think I could get away with having such a textural lampshade in that spot. What do you think? Do you have any birch trees that have fallen on your property? Yes--I'll be right over! See the popular blog Ruffled's great DIY instructions here.

#8 Organic Cotton Canvas Box Bins from Dagmar's Designs on Etsy

Dagmar is a European designer and dress maker (by way of Canada!) who runs a lovely shop on Etsy called Dagmar's Designs. I fell in love with her hand-printed red bird and tree branch designs. At over 6" tall, these canvas box bins are ideal for many items I use daily in my studio. It will be difficult to choose only one!

#9 Bronze-infused Stainless Steel Bird Belt Holder

I love the idea of keeping my belt's open end tucked up and in place, especially when it can be done as stylishly as this! I had not seen such a useful and decorative belt holder until I came across this beauty. It fits a leather belt that is no more than 1.8-inches wide. You can learn more about it here.

#10 Baby Elephants Fill me with Happiness

If you have a cuter baby elephant than I do, please let me know! I especially like his hairdo.

Thanks for stopping by, Georgianne

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