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Top Ten Tuesday -- February 14, 2012

Last night I typed with great sincerity "Happy Valentine's Day to each of you! I am loving all of these wonderful artists, and hope you will enjoy visiting their individual stores and such." I have to admit that my own Valentine's Day festivities interrupted my fun on this blog post yesterday. I had all my lovely items in hand and had begun the posting process when my dear husband arrived home early from work with a 4-foot tall orchid as my gift! This orchid is the last photo shown below, so you will be able to see that it has 48 flowers in bloom...I'm just in love with this beautiful plant! I also think my husband is darn wonderful. I've let the romance take me away, and now that I've got my head out of the clouds (at least for now!), I'm ready to share this great Top Ten Wednesday. Funny how life works!

#1 Knit Motorcycle-Cozy Sculpture by Theresa Honeywell

Using an actual motorcycle, this artists has knit a cover or cozy for each individual part, turning the motorcycle into a yarn-covered sculpture! I was sad to find out that this motorcycle is no longer one you can ride, as I have a rather vivid fantasy going about how great it would be to snuggle up into a group of Harley-Davidson riders on a sunny summer day on this bike! I think I would be wearing a matching bandanna around my forehead. You gotta keep your long, lustrous hair from whipping into your eyes on the open road, you know. Check out Theresa's other wonderful art from Portland at her Etsy shop.

#2 Too-Tight T-Shirt Re-Do

I came across this clever idea on Craftster and decided I have a few t-shirts that could use this magical treatment. I have over time both enlarged and decreased in size the t-shirts I wear to the gym. I am always trying to duplicate the fit and the "downward-dog appropriateness" of every shirt I wear when I work out. I like this idea and will be adding some fun color to the sides of older t-shirts that are past their prime. Does anyone have a serger I could borrow?

#3 Rustic Embroidered Garden Wall Hanging
This vintage wall hanging looks fresh and young for its age, doesn't it? I like the flower stems each being a different type of embroidery stitch. And the bright colors are right up my alley. You can find lots of great items at this vintage shop on Etsy, Wolf House. I'd love to hear about what makes the cut in your collection.

#4 Bald Eagle Photo

Nancy Harder took this wonderful photo of a Bald Eagle in east-central Minnesota during a weekend drive on February 4th. This extraordinary photo was found on the web at Today Travel. You can learn more about Nancy and her wonderful image here. I just love it!

#5 Go To Your Studio!

I found a clever card made by Stumptown Art Studio, and I found it on the wonderful blog of Jackie K. called Blissfully Imperfect. At first it just sounds like a good suggestion about what could happen next: studio time. Then I had the funny thought that I should "send myself" to my studio, sort of like when my dad would holler, "Go to your room until you can settle down!" I think taking a time out inside of one's creative space is a good idea, especially if you need to settle down. You can read Jackie's wonderful blog here, which will take you all the way to Stumptown, too!

#6 Tree Art Print by Heather Galler Art

I just love Heather's work and always enjoy watching her Etsy shop and her boards on Pinterest. When I found this print, I knew I'd need to share it with all of you you. This is such a friendly world Heather has created...I'd like to go there for a visit! You can visit Heather at her lovely Etsy shop anytime you like!

#7 Sublime Stitching and her Woven Labels

If you haven't heard about Sublime Stitching, I'm doing you a favor today by giving you this link! Anyone who likes to hand stitch or loves the look of hand-stitched items should visit this terrific shop. You will find patterns, kits, books, and textiles, along with these great labels...isn't it true that handmade items do take a long time to make...and that's part of what makes them so special! I hope you'll enjoy learning more about Sublime Stitching here.

#8 Simply Nestings' 3-D Birds for the Wall

If you love birds and you'd love a pop of graphic color on your walls, you may enjoy learning about Simply Nesting on Etsy. This product includes 23 birds that you adhere to your wall in a swirl or in a flight of fancy! This would be nice on a stairwell or above a tall window in a family room!

#9 Personalized Photo Sun Catcher

I love finding new ways to display photos in my home. This clever idea from Woman's Day would be a fun project to make and a real conversation starter in your front entry! The instructions look easy-to-follow and the end result would be a lot of fun. This may make my Christmas in July list of handmade crafts!

#10 Valentine's Flowers for Me!

That is a Frisbee under the plant...a clever way to keep the water off the floor. Thanks Ted!

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