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Top Ten Tuesday -- February 21, 2012

In Colorado today the weather makes me feel like we are on the brink of springtime. I feel a growing urge to plant and to tidy-up, and my mind keeps wandering outside of my fiber arts studio. There are daffodils peeking up outside my studio window, and dozens of birds are singing in the backyard. How is a person supposed to focus on inside activities on a day like today? My saving grace are the artists, organizations and ideas that I've saved for this top ten list! I find it all so engaging, I may need to set a timer to remind me to go outside to eat my lunch. I hope you will enjoy visiting these creative and inspirational places, too.

#1 Petit Collage -- Tree Print on Wood
Tree Print on Wood
This charming family-owned business is creating sweet collage on wood veneers, as well as many other options, like unframed posters. Their website is a lot of fun to visit and I literally want to buy almost everything I see there! You can also see their lovely home in Dwell magazine, one of my favorite reads. I'm in love with Petit Collage.

#2 Knit Clothes for Kids by Marmalade Baby Creations
Baby's Coming Home Outfit from Marmalade Baby
There is nothing cuter than a brand-new baby! But wait...how about a brand new baby inside of this adorable sock monkey ensemble? That, my friends, would take the cute cake. You can find great knit and crochet baby clothes for your special child at Marmalade Baby.

#3 Bird Paintings for Year-round Feathered Friends
I found a talented artist on Etsy whose shop, Jenlo262, has many lovely original works as well as reproductions to offer. I can see an installation of her great 51 Birds piece as a striking focal point in my living room...can't you? The beauty of Jennifer's site is that you can arrange for a smaller installation, too. I love how each 5"x5" bamboo panel stands alone, yet when you hang them side-by-side, the entire piece is unified. Well done!

#4 Poem by Khalil Gibran
Cherry Blossom Tree © Nestle and Soar
I ran across this line last week and it now helps me think about my blossoming tree pillow work in my studio. I think I need to embroider this line onto my next tree pillow design...
"Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit."

#5 Art is Fun! and by this she means art is
This new-to-me website has been fun to navigate this week. I'm impressed by the site's creator Thaneeya McArdle, who reminds us that whether you are a beginner or total pro, tools and encouragement are available. If you have ever felt yourself holding back from an artistic effort, I'd recommend you check out Taneeya's helpful site to feel inspired!

#6 Ruth Stout -- Gardener Extraordinaire!
I have found a new hero and her name is Ruth Stout. I love watching her YouTube video about her simple life and simple plan for gardening. She has an eloquent yet no-nonsense way about her. I love her logic about all the ways she doesn't have to buy into the "complications" of gardening. My favorite quote from this 12-minute video is "I don't do anything I don't want to do unless I have to. And I don't have to." Words to live by!

#7 Two Yellow Birds Hanging on a Tree -- Vintage Salt and Pepper Set
Japanese ink stamps mark this charming vintage swinger set. Made in the 1950s, the set is over 3" tall. My mother-in-law used to collect salt and pepper shakers, and this sweet find made me think of her. Available from Etsy's vintage shopkeeper in Ann Arbor, Michigan, neieh88. Thanks Helen!

#8 Molly Gordon and Authentic Promotion Ideas for Creative People
I have thoroughly enjoyed and recommend the insightful blog of Molly Gordon. She is a master coach on the topic of finding the "just-right" customer for your product or service. If you are a creative person, you may benefit from reading Molly's latest blog post about artists and creative vulnerability. "With a little self-awareness and the willingness to keep things simple, you can maintain focus, build confidence, and let in the support you need to continue to do creative work." Molly

#9 Crocodile Stitch Baby Booties in Deep Jewel Tones
Perhaps you already spend a lot of time on Ravelry? It is a very popular site for those who knit, crochet, and get all touchy-feely around yarn of all types! I found this wonderful crochet project which is perfect for anyone who loves tiny feet and jewel tones. Aren't they regal? I think they are really special, and you can find more information about them here.

#10 Angry Birds
Negotiations about whose branch this is, anyway, seem to always start out on a dramatic note...here's hoping your week ahead has only peaceful conversations!

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