Thursday, February 16, 2012

Studio Scene -- Nestle and Soar Supports the Arbor Day Foundation

Fantastical Wool Tree Folk Art Pillow, ©2010, Georgianne Holland
The love of trees is a huge motivator for my work here at Nestle and Soar. Do you see this time of year large oak trees that stand over 40-feet with their intricate, leafless canopy, which looks like lace to me, against the blue sky? I love happening upon old trees like this in winter, and they take my breath away! Because of my love of trees, and my love of needle felt pillows, I sought out the work of the Arbor Day Foundation and their Plant a Tree Program

When folks purchase one of my tree pillows at, I arrange for a tree to be planted in their honor in an American national forest. These trees are young saplings that will add to the health of the national forests that we all love and can visit. The life cycle of forests along with diseases that kill trees make human intervention through planting an important part of forest management. I like to think that this contribution on behalf of my customers adds to the new relationship we share: as they enjoy their tree pillow they will remember that the planted tree will forever connect us as it grows to create shade, give a home to songbirds, creates oxygen, and marks the change of seasons. There are so many benefits to planting trees!

The Beauty of Trees
  • Trees keep our water clean, reduce soil erosion, clean the air we breathe, and fight global warming.
  •  Planting trees is something we can do to beautify our community and help the environment.
  • It is important to know the type of tree we are caring for; this enables us to plant the right kind of tree in the right place.
  • Trees are one of nature’s great wonders!
  •  Trees are touchstones…do you remember climbing a tree as a child and feeling powerful and free?
  •  Tree pillows are a family heirloom: they can signify special events like weddings and the birth of a baby.
  • Fiber art tree pillows are handmade in limited editions in Colorado. Natural beauty surrounds the Nestle and Soar studio, and this natural beauty informs these tree pillow designs.
  • You can support the Arbor Day Foundation at Nestle and Soar…it is easy and satisfying. They not only plant trees in forests but also provide environmental education and support tree programs throughout the United States.
I would love to hear about your favorite kind of tree or memory of trees in childhood! Comment to this post and I will be sending out a tree-lover's thanks to you!

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larkspur funny farm said...

Wonderful!!! Your talent just shines. My favorite trees are the two Huge Pines that guard over me as I gaze out the front door - Then there is the Pinon Pine who lived right in front of my house and feeds me each year with the most amazing nuts... I am blessed to have a whole forest of trees on the farm that each give me strength, purpose and peace.

Georgianne Holland said...

Thanks Grace! May I please come visit your forest! It sounds fantastic...a tree-lover's gift is one its way to you, Georgianne