Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bird's Eye View Pillow is the Big Winner!

There was a contest and the folks in charge named my Bird's Eye View pillow the winner! How often do you get called a Winner? I am basking in the limelight! I guess technically, my pillow is a winner, but through association, I feel like a winner. I may walk around the house with winner vibe all day today...what a wonderful sensation. I vote that from now on, we each take turns pointing out a new winner of the day. We could make a deal of it, toot a few horns, you know, the whole deal. I'll go first...

The winner of the day is ..... Dorothy Trottier!!

Everyone who would like to congratulate the lovely Dorothy, aka Jodie, can do so my emailing her at d_grace2005@yahoo.com. Her winning ways are known by many and her easy laugh makes her one of those women I love being around. Yeah, Dorothy-Jodie!

Here is the link to my pillow's winning web celebration. Coincidentally, it takes place on an alpaca farm named Alpaca Meadows. So, if you know Dorothy, alpaca seems to be the winner today! P.S. If you don't know Dorothy, she loves alpaca, too.

Thanks for stopping by,


Blue Artichoke Interiors said...


I love every one of your beautiful pillows and it was hard to just pick a couple to showcase on my blog. I'm following you now too and look forward to reading your future posts.


Georgianne Holland said...

Thank you Susie for your kind words! I hope that we can keep in touch with our blogs. I suspect we have a lot in common!

Take care,

Georgianne Holland said...

Hi Susie,
Your note is very kind and I appreciate your addition to my blog. I'm looking forward to seeing the world from your perspective...that is one of the best parts of being involved in the artistic community!


DGT said...

This is one of my favorite pillows. You are so very talented.


Georgianne Holland said...

Thank you DGT for your kind words...you made my day:) Is it self-centered to accept a compliment about being talented? In my youth, I would have said something like, "Awe, it isn't anything special, really." Now that I'm an old broad, I'm better able to enjoy myself!