Monday, June 14, 2010

Position of Power -- How to claim your territory

I have several places in which I can "be my best." I can have a seat in my living room, at a particular time of day, within my most comfortable chair, and I am at peace. Do you have a workroom, office, or letter-writing desk that feels that way to you? We all need peaceful places we can count on from which our best efforts take flight. I call these places Positions of Power.

It feels like a luxury, and it likely is one, to have more than one place I feel powerful. I am fortunate to have an entire room that is my office. I can spread out huge messes, leave projects half completed and unattended for weeks, and lock the door from the outside--this is my space, and that feels powerful. I am also fortunate to have a folk art studio. This space fills almost an entire floor of our home, has plenty of windows and closets, and again, it is my space to count on. No one will come into that space and rearrange my gear or help themselves to my fabric scissors--at least it hasn't happened yet! In both my office and my studio, I can be my creative best. I love it!

I have noticed that where people sit often indicates power in relationships. Like the person who sits at the head of the dinner table is often the family leader, or would like to be! The lawyer who positions him or herself at the conference table to be the leader in any conversation is claiming a power position. Or the birthday girl at a large party who sits in such a space that she can talk to most everyone and "be seen." It is understood that people with power get to decide where they sit.

I am more interested though in how the energy feels in a given situation and where I think I should be in relation to that energy. For instance, when I teach a large group in a venue that is new to me, I always walk around the room and get a feeling for how I can best be seen and heard once the classroom is full of folks. It is like there is an energetic vortex that I can tune into, and that is where I want to place myself. I wonder if lots of other people do this, too, and we can all be in a room, in our best energetic space, and yet, be spread out? That would make sense to me. We all operate on our own frequency!

I hope you claim your territory in your own home, in your work space, in your life at large. Whether you are sitting at the head of the table or are sitting under a tree at your next picnic, my hope is that you will feel your most energetically peaceful and powerful!

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