Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trees on Tuesday

Trees are beautiful and I spend much of my professional time as a folk artist, as well as some of my free time, thinking about trees. As of today, I plan to spend time with each of you on Tuesdays sharing lovely images and ideas about trees; today kicks off the Nestle and Soar Studio "Trees on Tuesday"!

If you haven't already noticed, the tree photo I found for today looks like a woman dancing--in fact, it looks like me when I dance! I'm being serious. When I dance, I dance alone and I dance with drama. I leap and jump and fly through the air without much ease at all, just like this tree, which I'll bet is completely rooted in the ground. My husband does not care to dance, so it is a solo flight of fancy for me, which is alright (most of the time), as I used to fantasize about being a ballerina. When one dreams of dancing, they can close their eyes and escape into the movement of the dream. That is what this tree makes me think about.

What do you see and think about when you look at this tree?

Happy Trees on Tuesday!

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