Monday, June 21, 2010

Song Sparrow

Here is the Song Sparrow I've been giving all of my attention to lately. What a sweetheart! The window of our diningroom looks out onto our flower garden, and in that garden is our bird feeding frenzy. When we can keep the squirrels off of the feeders, we are visited by a dozen song sparrows most every day. I understand that these birds often form small flocks, joining other types of sparrows, like the Field Sparrow. They are tiny; only 6" long! I love the red in their coloring. I've got my eye on one sweet bird that has a goofy-looking bright red patch on top of his head! I'll capture a picture and share it with you -- at least I hope to. I may have to camp out in the bushes dressed in camouflage, ready with my camera. That's a funny image in itself! My kids have worried that I might become this kind of obsessed bird woman. Perhaps we just won't tell them...

Thanks for visiting. I'd love to hear about your favorite bird sighting today!

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larkspur funny farm said...

If you want to read about my latest bird sighting in my home I posted it last weekend. I have the worst luck with birds inside my house.