Monday, June 28, 2010

Lemon Cake Birds

Lemon yellow along with some buttery yellow wool roving were used to create these delicious birds on a pillow top. This photo shows my progress about half-way into a great afternoon spent needle felting. I was hopeful I'd be able to show you the wonderful yellow bird images I found on
But no luck! Here's my story: I loaded this bird-lover's resource as a toolbar element to my Internet Explorer this past Monday. It is now Wednesday, and my computer hasn't worked right since then. My friend Kathy, who shall remain blameless, showed me a super application for IBird on her fancy IPhone device. This WhatBird website looks like the same thing, so I was really happy to have it available to me on my computer (as my cell phone is stone age compared to Kathy's phone). I've always taught my kids, "You need a Plan B!"

Well, let's say, I am happy to show you the yellow birds I created the old fashioned way instead ;)
Hope you enjoy them!

I have one bit of bird lover trivia I'd like to share with you before I go back to my studio. I love watching the Robins in my yard looking for worms. Have you ever seen it--the head tilt thing--where the Robin cocks his head and points one beady eye toward the ground, looking for worms? I think birds look soo funny when they do this. I find it really charming. Well, I read one expert at Animal Science say that birds do not look for worms at all when they do this! In the art of How the Bird Gets the Worm, it seems as though Robins are actually listening for the worms. Yes, they would not survive, I am told, if a visual of the worm was required. Their senses are much sharper than that, and their chances of catching their food is much greater due to their acute hearing.
I think that this is interesting, and the next time I see a Robin, or a Lemon Cake Bird, tilt his or her head, I'll be sure to be quiet so that they can find their lunch...and I think I will go tilt my head next to the fridge and hear what sounds good for lunch!
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Jeanneoli said...

Your art is absolutely outstanding!!! I did not know that about birds either....thanks for sharing.