Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wool Flowers on Blue Denim

My sweet husband, Ted, calls this design "Constellation" pillows. I wasn't sure about that name, especially since constellation refers to an arbitrary configuration of stars. If you know me, you would have to say that "arbitrary" is hardly ever applicable! I'm sure I have faults as an artist, and one of them is being too controlled, too measured. I'd make better art if I simply relaxed a bit. I wonder how many years I'll have to be a full-time artist before I actually begin relaxing into the artistic process? 10? 20? How about you? When you are focusing on the art, hobby, or creativity of your choice, are you relaxed and going with the flow, or are you concentrating on making something very specific and deliberate? I'd love to know how it works for other people!
Hope you like my constellation pillow, aka Wool Flowers on Blue Denim ;-)


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