Monday, July 12, 2010

Color Inspiration and Abundance

I have been looking very carefully at the colors in my life. It takes, for me at least, a deliberate effort to be present during my creative time, as I can often find my mind racing from project to project, what needs to happen tomorrow, and how much corn on the cob to buy for dinner. Deliberately quieting my mind and looking very closely at color is a wonderful retreat from this busy mind.  

I want to share with you today some of the colors I found around my home--colors that inspire me in my folk art, but more importantly I think, inspire me to realize how much beauty surrounds me.

I am looking today in my family room and my flower beds. It has been interesting for me to see these two spaces in my home through the lens of my camera. I know my silk flowers to be lovely, but looking at them in this light and so close helped me to really see them for the first time in years.

The way that this gray-green leaf of my hydrangea bush is gently holding the rain from the storm that happened in the middle of the night adds to the beauty of the color itself.

I think that taking the time to slow down, look around my home, and then really look up close at the things I have decided to fill my space with, is a great way to be inspired by color and inspired by abundance. What is the color of your abundance?


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