Saturday, July 17, 2010

Heartfelt or Knee-Jerk?

I have had a revelation about how I make decisions and then take action! This bolt of insight came to me while I was making the bed, which, a lot like the time I spend knitting, is fertile thought time. Here's what I learned mid-pillow plump:

I make decisions one of two ways
Perhaps you can relate? There are many decision points in every day life, and when the decision involves choosing either A or B, it is easy for me to apply the socially acceptable "What SHOULD I do" rationale.

This is different for me when the decision point involves no outside observers! My choice only impacts me, and in those moments, I am learning to make HEARTFELT DESIRES  take center stage.

What is exciting to me is knowing that as I gain the wisdom that comes naturally with my gray hairs, I can begin to make heartfelt decisions even when other folks are involved. I am at the stage of life where knee-jerk reactions can ease up a bit and I can enjoy the larger world of deciding what truly makes my heart sing. I really can release the rest. As the world keeps turning, I am happy to report that more of my heartfelt needs and wants are being met by me and those who share this wonderful ride with me.

What is the most significant heartfelt desire you have back-burnered or given up hope of claiming for your own? I think you should let your heart sing!


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