Friday, July 2, 2010

What I love today...

When I was four years old, my family lived for one year in North Hampton, Massachusetts. We were there so that my father could finish an advanced degree at Clark College. My three older sisters were in school during the day, and my younger brother was a baby at this time (in fact, today is his birthday!). I was my mom's "Helper" during the school day, and one of the things I loved about that time in my life was having her time and attention, which in a large family, was even more special. When the laundry needed to be done, we walked with a wagon to the neighborhood laundromat. I was told that if I behaved and helped her with David, I could have (all to myself!) a can of cold Dr. Pepper! In a hot, hot laundromat on a hot day, that cold pop tasted so sweet--perhaps more so because I felt like I'd earned it!

While we waited for our laundry to process, my mom stitched the lovely crewel embroidery you see here. Her stitches are so uniform and delicate. Her color choices are so wonderful. The composition of this design is so fluid. I have always loved this piece, and I loved watching her create it, day after day, load of wash after load of wash. If David and I stayed happily occupied in the laundromat, she might even complete two whole flowers in one day! It was great to watch her progress.

The sweet ending to this story is that on one special Christmas morning, my mom gave me this stitchery blocked and framed with three layers of soft green matting. It is framed without glass so that I can touch her stitches and easily remember that time we spent together. It is one of my best treasures!

Here's to you mom! We will always have that year in North Hampton...
And here's to you brother Dave...if you had been a fussy baby, I may not have had this delightful memory--or this delightful embroidery to treasure. Best wishes to you on your special day.

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Lora said...

you were the CUTEST little girl! how adorable... and i love that crewelwork - amazing!

Georgianne Holland said...

Thank you Lora! That photo was taken on a day when my mom and I went to the downtown area for ice cream. Next door to the parlor was a photographer selling $1 photos. I felt darn special, what with ice cream and a photo; to beat everything, I found a penny in the crosswalk on the way home! That is a banner day for a 4-year old :-)

DGT said...

I love this story and I bet you were such a sweet little girl.
My mom used to do crewel and I did as well, but its been years since I made anything. Like you I will have my mom's crewel work to look at and remember her artistry.
Thanks for the memories.