Monday, July 26, 2010

Soft Sunflower Folk Art Pillow

It is sunflower time in Colorado, or so I am told by my handsome husband, who grew up in Kansas and knows his sunflowers. As we drove yesterday to Greeley, Colorado, we saw our highways lined with sunflowers ready to burst with yellow light! I'm also told that a patch of sunflowers is difficult to walk around and through. Their stalks are thick, prickly, and densely packed together. I'd love to have my picture taken surrounded by sunflowers though.

Did you watch any of the Tour de France? The Sunflower fields in France are sooo lovely. I'd like to say that someday I will see them in the meantime...I've made this soft sunflower folk art pillow!

There are eleven shades of yellow and gold in this needle felt pillow. It is great fun blending, twisting, and playing with the wool roving that I use in my dry felting! I added some tiny seed beads for sparkle, because in my sunflower fantasy, sparkling happens! If you'd like to see more photos of this playful pillow, you can check it out at Soft Sunflower Pillow.

I hope that as you enjoy the last week of July, you come across some lovely sunflowers and perhaps even taking a stroll amonst them. Please let me know how it goes!

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allison strine said...

Your work is just absolutely stunning, G. I am in love!

Julie Petty said...

I love it, so cheery and bright!