Thursday, July 8, 2010

Talented Friends and their Talent for Sharing

I am fortunate to be surrounded by many talented friends and family. If I threw a party and everyone were able to attend, there would be mosaic artists, quilters, doll makers, knitters, garment sewers, painters, illustrators, authors, fiber artists, and musicians. That would be an interesting party to attend! I would like for there to be a show and tell!

I would like to share with you the art of one special friend today, Terry Gonzales. Terry made this lovely fabric wall hanging that captures the beauty of a fish in the ocean. It is made using a fun technique involving coiled clothesline and strips of fabric. The fish is an applique sewn on top of the coil.

I found more information about this fun technique on one of my favorite resources, In an article on their popular site, I found great instructions for a coiled clothesline bowl, which I'm showing here. I hope you will want to visit their site and learn how to make one, too! Now that Terry is so good at this technique, she has another way to share her many sewing skills.

Coiled Clothesline Project

So I'm thinking a lot about talented friends and family today. I think this is happening because I went to a funeral with my Mom, sister, and brother-in-law earlier today for one of my Mom's talented friends. In Betty's eulogy I heard again about how she shared her many talents with the world! The celebration of her life seems to be incomplete without a celebration of how she generously shared her creative talents. It made me realize that the time I share today with friends and family, doing fun-loving, creative things together, is really building memories for a lifetime.

It gives me food for thought, and I want to honor my talented friends and treasure the wonderful time in our vibrant lives we have yet to share... I hope you enjoy your creativity today ;) I think we should all get ready for that amazing party with a show and tell!

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