Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hip Baby Boomer - Yes, I mean Me!

It is baby week for me, and when I saw these baby birds reaching for food, I felt that deep pull of maternal instinct kick in! It is a real emotional empowerment, that desire to keep my loved one's fed. And this week especially, as all of our grandchildren are in Colorado for a visit, which is unusual and wonderful!

So as I fuss over the Holland babies, let me tell you a funny thing about being a baby boomer. As the role of grandparent is new to us, and we are just barely in the boomer generation, we create new ways of thinking about ourselves as the "older generation" in our ever growing family. I can envision myself as a grandmother, but I'm not sure yet about being married to the grandfather of 3! So I did a little research about what all the hip baby boomers are doing out there in this wonderful world of grandparenting. I mean, being hip is something that is kind of a stretch for me...I was always the nerdy Susie Homemaker girl, not really the Happening Hipster during any previous decade of my life! So, research is a legitimate thing when one wants to know what real hip grandparents are doing.

Do you know what one finds when they Google "Hip Baby Boomer"?

Yes, my friends, I received many links to information about getting a Free Hip. Funny, huh?

So, I am feeling old, I am feeling weak in the knees (my particular area of future replacement parts), and I am feeling very hip, for my grandfather/husband and I are no where near needing any sort of mobility help! We are young, active, vital, and yes, the grandparents of 3. Or so I think (3 grand babies, that is), for Thomas and Jenny have been in labor all night, and I am ready for the phone to ring with a "Come on up, there's a new baby for you to meet!".

Our bird's nest of hungry babies is full, all in Colorado, and we can walk there under our own steam!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm off to a grandma rave...kidding!

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DGT said...

I would join your grandma rave :)